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de Ariciano

Oct 2022         Establishment of my Art StudioA dedicated space for creating, experimenting, performing, research, and study.

2022        Establishment of Otkzö KazoRitual for Art Making, A Way of Artistry — Otzkö Kazo embodies a few forms, with the intention of refocusing the process, vs the end product, in art practice. It also designs rituals through geomancy and divination, as a guide to art-making. Currently OK’s public form is as an Instagram displaying process but tangible artifacts are coming soon.

2022         Home as the museum. — Space of my own art — I’ve been using my home as a space for my own art, murals, art installations. 




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de Ariciano

Life and art have always been intertwined, for me - materializing a beautiful entanglement. My work engages deeply with the correlation between form, composition, and aesthetics for harmonious outputs. It’s also both research and intuition based - merging an omni-specialization approach to pattern recognition of the ways of the world and ways of being -- intrapersonally, extrapersonally, and culturally. A worldly synthesis. Below and beside are glimpses of these imaginings.

Hues of Stzair Echology | 001


Hues of Stzair Echology a series of is a live modular synthesizer sets that explore polyrhythmic beatmaking, celestial sound manipulation, and quasi-Jazz/freesound improvisation on a euclidean sonic structure.

Cosmic Radio (series)


Watercolor on rice paper
From the archive
Framed in 2022

OhFela (Afrobeats DJ Mix)

An hour long excerpt from a 6 hour long set on some of the most popular Afrobeat songs of 2022. A nod to Fela Kuti, the original pioneer of Afrobeats.

Alternative Life (series)


Rendered images of alternative life via personalized image generations, diffusion model (Dreambooth + Stable Diffusion)

“From me and mine to you and yours❤️ ”

Oct 2022

A comical exploration on Instagram for Thanksgiving Day as I rendered artificial images of “myself and my family” celebrating the holiday

Abstracted Sense of Self

Oct 2022

My explorations with AI Image generation have catalyzed existential wonderings around my understanding of my own identity, and its performance.

Movement Synthesis

Oct 2022

Rendered images of movement via personalized image generations, diffusion model (Dreambooth + Stable Diffusion)

Ari v Matisse


I’ve been studying the career and practice of Matisse for a while and have been reimagining his ways of artistic being in my own context.

Light Painting Studies 01


Recontextualizing Labor for Artistic Imaginings


Depending on the way society values certain labor, a financial exchange is awarded. Here I reflect on societally defined notions of labor by mimicking their movements and tools (cleaning, brushes from Home Depot), yet for an artistic output. In doing so, I’m exploring the motions of labor with paint at the end of the stick and how the imposed pigment tangibility of it’s traditional temporality recontextualizes and repurposes the practice of labor.

Jatal0 (Vinyl DJ Mix)


Crate digging of vinyl in Barcelona. From Italo Disco to Bossa-Negra to Spanish rap to Dubhouse to Jamaican Jazz and beyond

AbraboAbrabo (Vinyl DJ Mix)


A collage of the melding and bending sounds of the African diaspora's vibrant percussive forms via vinyl.

MongoMangione (Vinyl DJ Mix)


First time spinning and mixing with vinyl. From AfroCuban JazzFunk to Congolese drumming to Japanese electronic minimalism.

Strawberry Sounds


A conversion of the electromagnetic waves of my strawberry plants into sounds through my modular synthesizer for a materialized sonic composition of biology.

Sono de BedWabiStuySabi


A live modular synthesis set merged with environmental sounds of Bed-Stuy, BrooklynFull performance, here.

Electrocology of Sound Travel


Sonically materializing climate data during COVID-19 through a webVR platform. Supported by the Onassis Foundation.Experience, here.


An immersive WebVR healing environment that merges indigenous African instrumentalization for revolutions with visual and sonic healing auras of Eastern Spiritual practices, along with psychogeographical techniques.
Experience, here.

Essay | Notes on Omni-Specialized Design for Beautiful Futures




Series of Black cultural artifacts converted into audio-visual instruments - a speculation on the future of culture through re-contextualization

Essay | Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity


Essay | Building a Museum for the Future